Travel flag football

UpdatedTuesday January 18, 2022 byAlfredo Nevarez.

New Milford Travel Flag Football 

   We are excited to announce that we will be offering a travel flag football program in the Spring. We are currently looking for coaches for the 3/4 Grade, 5/6 Grade and 7/8 Grade levels. In the event that we have more than one inquiry for a specific level we will choose the best fit for your kids. All Coaches will be asked to join us as we evaluate the kids. Rosters will be set at 8 players per team. And YES we can make more than one team per level. Again this is a Travel Program, so if your player is involved in another sport THIS MAY NOT BE FOR THEM. We need 100% commitment. Teams are competitive and we want to make sure we measure up to the competition.
Included in registration for Travel:
1) price is ONLY $150.00
2) Team GreenWave Jersey and Shorts
3) Flags
4) Team ball
5) One practice a week
6) 2 to 3 games per scheduled game day
7) Super Bowl
Come on out and represent your town!!!!!
In the event we do not have enough teams to play, your money will be refunded 100%
For more information on Travel Season please contact Jimmy Yoder